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Need Your Kids to Focus? Comcast Xfinity Expands Wi-Fi Control Tools | News & Opinion

Are your kids online too much? If so, Comcast’s Xfinity broadband service is introducing a new feature to help parents better control when their children can access the web on their various electronic devices. Comcast is rolling out a new “Downtime Scheduling” mode for the Xfinity xFi service, which lets customers control Wi-Fi access in […]

Feds Arrest 2 for Stealing Crypto Via SIM-Swapping Scams | News & Opinion

Two Massachusetts men have been arrested for using “SIM swapping” attacks to help them steal cryptocurrencies from victims and take over access to social media accounts. On Thursday, federal agents arrested 21-year-old Eric Meiggs and 20-year-old Declan Harrington for the suspected crimes, which involved duping cellular providers into handing over access to victims’ mobile phone […]

Here’s Why You Should Never Give Money to Randos From Dating Apps

A criminal ring of Nigerian-based romance scammers has been using WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and online dating sites to help them swindle funds from users. On Wednesday, federal investigators charged 10 US-based suspects for helping Nigerian romance scammers launder funds amassed from their schemes, which pulled in as much as $546,000 from individual victims. The romance […]

Here’s How Scammers Tried to Dupe Trend Micro Customers

Unlucky Trend Micro customers ensnared in the insider hack at the antivirus company are being bombarded with fake tech support calls seeking access to their computers. “The first call seemed very legitimate to me,” one customer named Rona told PCMag. “I almost fell for it.” Rona, who requested her last name be withheld, was among […]

US Military Duped Into Buying Chinese Cameras Rife With Flaws | News & Opinion

A New York-based company was raided by federal agents on Thursday for allegedly selling insecure, Chinese-made surveillance cameras to the US military. Since 2006, Aventura Technologies has been concealing that its products were made in China while raking in millions through lucrative contracts with the US government and private businesses, the Justice Department alleged in […]

Apple Caving on Hong Kong Shows the Limits of Security as a Sales Tool

There’s a saying that the biggest security vulnerability is located between the keyboard and the chair, highlighting human fallibility. It’s true, we’re easily tricked, and we’re lazy as a rule. Human failings also bring down perfect systems of security and privacy, which is why clear, moral codes are required to protect those systems. When Apple […]

Report: TikTok Faces US Security Review Over Merger | News & Opinion

TikTok’s parent, Chinese company ByteDance, is now facing a national security review over its 2017 acquisition of rival video-sharing app, according to Reuters. The acquisition was significant because TikTok later absorbed’s 60 million US users, propelling its popularity in the US market even further. Now the merger is facing scrutiny from the Committee […]

Possible North Korean Malware Hits Indian Nuclear Power Plant | News & Opinion

North Korean malware has reportedly infected a computer at a nuclear power plant in India. The company that runs the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant confirmed on Wednesday that a computer at the site had been hit with malware. “The investigation revealed that the infected PC belonged to a user who was connected in the internet […]

Microsoft Wins $10B Pentagon Cloud Contract, Amazon Loses Out | News & Opinion

The US government has awarded Microsoft a massive $10 billion contract to run the Pentagon’s cloud network. On Friday, the Department of Defense selected Microsoft for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, also known as JEDI. As part of the deal, Redmond will supply cloud computing for the Pentagon over the next decade. The JEDI […]

When Will Civilization End? Sneak a Peek at the Doomsday Clock | News & Opinion

(Brendan Smialowski / Getty Contributor) On August 6, 1945, the US dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, wiping out the city and killing over 80,000 people. Many more died of radiation exposure soon after. Three days later, a second bomb destroyed Nagasaki. World War II ended with the Japanese surrender […]