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Hackers Are Abusing a Bug in Firefox to Take Over Computers | News & Opinion

‘We are aware of targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw,’ Mozilla said in the advisory. It’s not clear how the hackers were exploiting the bug, but they likely created a malicious website to trigger the flaw. January 10, 2020 2:07PM EST January 10, 2020 It‘s time to patch, Firefox users. Hackers are exploiting […]

Programmer’s USB Cable Can Kill Laptop If Machine is Yanked Away | News & Opinion

Imagine you’re at a coffee shop, and then someone steals your laptop right when you’re looking away. It’s a rare, but scary scenario. And because our laptops contain so much sensitive information, it means the thief could have access to your entire digital life. Device encryption provides one solution. But what happens if you’ve already […]

Scammer’s Internet Domain Uses the Date to Mask Phishing Attack | News & Opinion

Here are two internet domains: and[.]info. They look alike, don’t they? You might even think they belong to the same domain. However, the second URL is actually an alarming example of a new way to phish unsuspecting victims: Scammers have been incorporating the date into their malicious internet domains to help them spoof […]

LastPass Parent Company Sold to Private Equity Firms | News & Opinion

LogMeIn, the parent company of LastPass, has agreed to sell itself to a pair of private equity firms for $4.3 billion. Francisco Partners and an affiliate of Elliott Management Corporation announced are buying the Boston-based LogMeIn for $86.05 a share. The deal, which is expected to close mid next year, is intended to help “accelerate […]

German University Forced to Hand Out 38,000 Passwords in Person | News & Opinion

After a malware attack, the University of Giessen is forcing students and employees to pick up new passwords in person to comply with strict legal requirements, prompting long lines of people outside the school gym. December 18, 2019 5:52PM EST December 18, 2019 Password resets are usually pretty straightforward. But a university in Germany is […]

Which Countries Are Best-Prepared for Cybercrime Response? | News & Opinion

Cybercrime is inevitable. No matter where you are, the odds are better than not that you’ll eventually be the victim of some strain of malware, affected by a data breach, or have a digital device compromised through any number of hacking methods. When dealing with cybercrime on a national or global scale, the question is […]

Here Come the ‘Star Wars’ Scams: Don’t Fall for Them | News & Opinion

Desperate to watch the new Star Wars film? Don’t get too desperate. The movie, which opens tomorrow, is the latest pop-culture phenomenon to be exploited by cybercriminals to trick people into installing malware or handing over credit card information. Antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab has already uncovered more than 30 fake websites and social media profiles […]

Ring Issues Password Resets After User Logins Found Online | News & Opinion

Ring is issuing a forced password reset for at least 3,672 users after the login credentials to access their internet-connected cameras were found circulating on the internet. Ring reset the passwords after an unnamed security researcher discovered the credentials on a text storage site, according to BuzzFeed. The list not only contains email addresses and […]

Lab Testing Firm Pays Off Hacker to Prevent Data Leak | News & Opinion

A Canadian lab testing company has decided to pay off hackers to prevent them from leaking customers’ personal information, including their lab test results. On Tuesday, Toronto-based LifeLabs disclosed the breach, which affected 15 million customers. Names, physical addresses, login credentials, dates of birth, and health card numbers were looted in the hack. In addition, […]

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