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Get 130 hours of beginner-friendly Python training on sale for just $35

Python is one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages in use. And it’s relevant too, which means it’s an ideal language for aspiring coders to learn. That’s why we’re offering the 2022 Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle for just $34.99, so anyone can try their hand at it. This package features 130 hours of training that […]

Get personalized protection from hackers with ClearVPN, just $30 for one year

Some VPNs provide what can only be described as a cookie-cutter approach. Every subscriber gets the same features, regardless of a client’s individual needs. But some VPNs offer more personalized services, such as ClearVPN. The good news? They aren’t always more expensive. ClearVPN lets subscribers customize services to suit their needs. For example, they can unblock […]

Get a 1-yr sub to the Shells Personal Cloud Computer this week for $65

Computers are expensive and clunky, but they can handle more than your phone or tablet can offer. But sometimes, using a desktop or laptop is out of the question, so Shells, a personal cloud computer, is worth considering. And especially now since they’ve discounted the cost of their one-year subscription by over half to just $64.99. […]

Get a lifetime subscription to the WordLift SEO tool for only $49

Visitors aren’t likely to find your website unless you employ search engine optimization. But creating SEO-friendly content is often easier said than done. Wish there was a better way? Then check out WordLift, an SEO tool for Google Sheets. And now is an excellent time since a lifetime subscription is just $49 — a savings of […]

Learn business administration, finance, and investing skills for just $60

Having an MBA on your resume can help you get ahead in business. But not everyone has the time and money to attend university. An e-training bundle like these Finance Courses from Chris Haroun could be a good alternative for those folks. And even better, we’ve dropped the price to $59.99, but only until Father’s […]

This beginner-friendly MS Excel course is on sale for only $19.99

Microsoft Excel, despite its popularity, isn’t exactly the most intuitive piece of software. Moreover, to fully understand how Excel works, most users need professional training, which can also be expensive. So we’re taking it upon ourselves to offer an economical option — The Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced (2022) course, discounted to only $19.99. This […]

Best Thunderbolt docks 2022: Extend your laptop’s capabilities

With Thunderbolt ports becoming more common in laptops, a Thunderbolt dock can be a critical accessory. Think of the Thunderbolt dock as a more powerful, high-speed alternative to a USB-C hub, adding I/O expansion to your laptop in the form of extra ports for mice, keyboards, external drives, SD cards, and, most importantly, displays. It […]

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