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Best Lenovo laptops: Best overall, best battery life, and more

[ad_1] Whether you’re looking for powerful internals or an awesome keyboard, Lenovo laptops are both reliable and highly rated. Here at PCWorld, we’ve personally used and tested a number of Lenovo laptops, from ThinkPads to Yogas and everything in between. While everything on the list below has its pros and cons, there’s one laptop that […]

The best VPNs for Android: Our picks for phones and tablets

[ad_1] Over the past few years we’ve tested loads of VPN services, checking for performance, privacy policies, and extra features. We’ve done most of this work for the PC, and you can find our absolute favorite best VPN picks here. But we’re also testing the Android apps to see which service reigns supreme on Google’s […]

Save 59% off a lifetime subscription to NoteLedge Pro Lite for Windows

[ad_1] If you’re still writing notes on little scraps of paper, you should probably stop right now. That’s because there’s a digital note taking system that’s superior in practically every way. And since it’s on sale this week for just $59.99 it’s super easy to afford. NoteLedge Pro Lite for Windows is a digital notebook that lets you […]

Learn how to beat hackers at their own game with this $29 data and IT security training

[ad_1] Hackers are constantly improving their methods. So, if you work in cyber security, you have to keep your skills on the cutting edge, which you can easily do with the Dynamic 2022 Data and IT Security Training Bundle, offered on sale this week for $29. This collection offers six courses that introduce students to the skills […]
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